Mind Sculpting

Whether you are rich or poor, your state of mind plays a central and pivotal role in determining what unfolds from this moment on. You have the power to determine your future. You decide, how you react and respond to current circumstances. Whatever this moment brings to you or holds for you, what the next moment will bring is influenced by your responses to this current moment. You can decide to be unhappy, disgruntled, angry and rejecting which will bring more of the same. The next moment will be filled with disillusionment, discouragement and unhappiness. On the other hand, if you choose to respond with gratitude, acceptance, compassion and nonjudgment, your mind will be filled with peace happiness and you will be open and receptive to possibilities, potentials and opportunities. An attitude of gratitude alone brings your mind into a state of peacefulness, contentment and receptivity.

This website is about strategies and products that will help you to sculpt your mind so that you can create more beautiful moments, more of what you want in life and less of what you don’t want. The goal is to help you keep moving and growing towards your ultimate good – towards right employment, the perfect partner, abundance, prosperity and love. Abundance is created in many areas of life – abundance of love in your relationship, abundance of health, abundance of prosperity in financial matters and abundant lifestyle.

Have you tried it lately? Hypnosis can help you to overcome challenges and negative habits such as over-eating and procrastination, fear of flying and unnecessary anger. It can help you cope more positively with stressful life events, improve your sports performance including golf, skating. It can help you to optimize your health and access healing powers within yourself. It can help you to increase creativity, solution orientation, increase attention and memory, and create a clear vision for your future.
Kids need ‘inner-focus’ time’ to help them build confidence, let go of anxiety, and relax to sleep.
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Finding Your Passion
The Finding Your Passion Workshop is about getting back to the life you had envisioned at your highest moments of intention. It is about re-centering yourself to your strongest sense of purpose, re-aligning your life to your deeply held beliefs of what life should be about. It is about creating yourself from this moment onward so that Joy and Passion are abundant and present in your life.
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Private Coaching
YOU have a vision for your life but maybe you have lost track of it or how you are going to make it happen. What is your definition of Success? What brings you Happiness?
What would you like to Attract more of in your life? What do you want less of? What truly Inspires you?
What does living a Rich Full Life mean to you and how are you working towards it?

Coaching is about living a rich full life. Let me, a trained professional, be the bridge from where you currently are to where you'd like to be! I offer customized, cost-effective packages for you to achieve your personal and professional goals.
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  Genius Mind
Here are ways you can optimize your genius mind and ways you can help your child to become a more creative and stronger thinker.
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Anxiety can be debilitating if it stops us from doing things that we long for, if we say no to opportunities that await us. Anxiety puts limits on our experience, making us live a circumscribed life that is smaller and more restricted than it needs to be. Anxiety symptoms interfere with participation in home, school and community activities. Anxiety can be overcome. As a parent, you can help by taking these steps.

Here are some common anxiety symptoms that children experience:
  • Difficulty separating from parents
  • Marked and excessive fearful responses to objects or events
  • Persistent and chronic worry
  • Excessive avoidance
  • Physical complaints
  • Presence of distressing thoughts
  • Concentration difficulties
  • Restlessness
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How advertisers are using new Brain Research to get you to buy their products. Buyers Beware! Advertisers are the biggest consumers of the new brain research.
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About Cheryl
Cheryl is a School Psychologist living in Vernon B.C. Cheryl has had an enduring interest in living a passionate life for many years and loves to talk to people about how they create or find passion in their lives. A life without passion is mundane and bland. Finding your passion is what makes life exciting and vibrant. Passion creates the motivation to take action to make life more full, richly textured and ultimately more satisfying. Click here to learn more about Cheryl.